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Hi, I'm Mouse!

other keywords may include but are not limited to; cheerily married in May of 2021, devoted mother to our many animals, local cat rescuer/fosterer, book hoarder, vintage-anything collector, taco enthusiast...

More about me

I don't have the most interesting story, but I'll spill it, anyway - at around age 12, I was given a hand-me-down pinkish purple Fujifilm Finepix f480, which I mostly used to take pictures of our many cats, my pet ducks and wild flowers. At 14, I was on a hike with my family one brisk, fall afternoon, and snapped a photo of a tiny green caterpillar contentedly traipsing the peaks of a moss-covered log, and I think after that I knew I wanted to start experimenting with visual "art" ;)

At 19, I bought a used canon 7D, and a few cheap lenses, in addition to my trusty 50mm, 1.4, which I still use regularly.

Then at 20, I received a few lowkey job offers, and as quickly as possible upgraded to a Canon 5D Mark IV and a few necessary (and completely out of my budget) lenses.

I'm honestly not really sure what else to write about myself and my journey into the world of photography, but I'm very glad that I've had the opportunity to pursue it as a profession, as well as continuing to enjoy it as the hobby it was originally meant to be.

an extra thought;

no matter how advanced the camera becomes, no lens can capture what the human eye perceives. so, with my photos, I strive to bring reality to your screen, as if you were there, personally living the experience.

thank you

That adventurous little fella from above.

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